Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Darwin Stopped By

I have a very dear friend called Darwin. I love him. He reads my blog faithfully and he never comments. I doubt if he ever gets any compensation for the time he spends on my blog. I don't think he comes here for his benefit. He stops in to take my temperature.

Yesterday, after reading about the flooded basement, he hurried right over. Something in excess of 100 miles an hour I should expect. He needed to pay a house call to make certain I was as alright as I claimed to be. He knows me pretty well and is aware of my tendency to exaggerate toward the positive.

When God and life made Darwin, they threw away the mold. He is unique in every way. There isn't an ounce of conformist in his body. Because of this, he's hard to describe. You can hardly use a metaphor to describe an item that is one of a kind. He's crusty on the outside and tender in the middle but so is a croissant. Darwin is nothing like a croissant. His hair is short, neat and tidy except his ear and eyebrow hairs are total chaos. He's a teenager in a gray haired, weather beaten, leathery old body. Yet he possesses the wisdom of a sage. He's a rebel with a cause; also a rare thing these days. How can a blatant nonconformist be the straightest arrow I know?

In my younger years I often said I was in pursuit of the state of Crust. I wanted to become crusty, maybe even salty. Nobody could ever quite understand what I was trying convey in those words. I wanted to be unique, seasoned, confident and authentic. Perhaps if I could have showed them Darwin, they might have understood and helped me achieve such a lofty goal. Somewhere in the middle years I abandoned that quest and became something more like pudding. You don't have to exert yourself to achieve the state of Pudding. Pudding's what happens when you give up on your dreams. Still, life is good, and if it keeps applying the heat as it has lately, I might at least turn out to be Crème brûlée with a bit of thin crust on top.

Were you a fly on the wall here yesterday, you'd think I was Darwin's only and very best friend. His entire attention was focused on me. But you might have been a fly on the wall in a dozen other places yesterday, with a dozen other of his friends, and come to the same conclusion. Darwin's love and compassion, his zest and enthusiasm, his humor and sincerity are renown and enjoyed by hundreds across our little valley.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a second and thank him for his friendship, his kindness and most of all his love. Life is so much better with Darwin in it.

Evidence to the contrary (I watched Darwin grow up and grow old), I have a theory that he's actually one of the Three Nephite's in disguise. What's your theory Darwin?

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