Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too Little Understood: The Law of Stewardship

I read this article from Meridian Magazine and felt it too important to not just send you there.

Larry Barkdull gives some magnificent counsel to all of us. Here is a tidbit:

"Even in a telestial setting, we encounter the concept of stewardship constantly. For example, a business owner will enter into an agreement to hand over the management of his company to a trusted employee, provided the employee gives his best effort, pursues the mission of the company, is committed to increasing the company’s profitability, and is accountable to his employer. In return, the employer pays the employee a fair wage, with which the employee takes care of his family. The employee has no right to divide his attention with another interest, change the purpose of the company, use its resources outside his employer’s desire, or take the profits for himself. We might ask ourselves, If we understand these principles on a telestial level, why can we not apply them to a celestial situation?"

Please take a minute and read the entire article here.

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