Saturday, August 8, 2009

Babylon is Falling - Let Her Go

Yesterday a cherished friend stopped by. My friend is a man of great faith. But....he's been Hannitized, and so every time I see him, he is griping about the state of things in America. The result is constant, unproductive complaining, fault finding and criticism. My friend has become a pessimist.

I've spent some time since that meeting contemplating how to encourage my poor pessimistic friend. As I pondered a strong impression set my mind on an interesting course. Babylon is falling!

Babylon is falling. Do we want to prevent that? The "great and spacious building" is teetering. Are we trying to prop it up? Is our anxiousness, about the state of things, a corollary to our connection to Babylon? When it falls, which it surely will, will that hurt us? What is Babylon? Is the United States Babylon? Is not the US and her constitution worth saving? Worth fighting for? Is Wall Street Babylon? Is China? Hamas? Israel?

My morning walk was filled with such questions.

I think I have a few answers. First, Babylon is not a place. Babylon is a state of mind. A quality of character. Babylon is composed of her citizens and the way in which those citizens see the world. Babylon is not confined to America, Wall Street, China, Baghdad or any place else. Babylon is those who subscribe to her values. I recently reviewed a book on this blog called The Three Deceivers, by Richard Eyre. I think he hit the nail right on the head - Babylon is a paradigm of Control, Ownership and Independence. Those who subscribe to and put their trust in that paradigm are Babylon. Don't forget Babylon is falling.

Second, Babylon, as a paradigm, is not worth saving. Babylon cannot be saved. It is on a collision course with destiny and it will fall. The only course of action for her citizens is to cancel their subscription and flee to Zion. Remember, we are not speaking of a geographical place here. Fleeing to Zion can be done without taking a physical step. Fleeing to Zion can and should be done right where we are.

Third, there is no point in trying to destroy Babylon. It will destroy itself. The "large and spacious" building is condemned, abandon it. It will collapse of it's own accord.

Fourth, any pain we feel as a result of the fall of Babylon will be because of some grasp we still hold on the place (paradigm.) That and mourning for the souls who remain trapped in the rubble.

So, what is to be done? Flee to Zion! Abandon Babylon completely, if you are not there, it's fall will not hurt you. How is this done? Adopt a new paradigm. Hopefully, you'll soon read Eyre's book. I'll be spilling the beans a bit here. Give up the notions represented by Control, Ownership and Independence and choose to see the world through the lens of Serendipity, Stewardship and Synergicity. (You'll have to read the book to fully understand what that means.) For now, suffice it to say that this Zion paradigm is one in which God is in charge, possessions are gifts, and people are vital partners and fellow travelers in the journey of life. Zion is the pure in heart. Zion is full of faith. Zion doesn't cling to the material things of this world. Zion trusts in God rather than the arm of the flesh. Zion is redeemed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

If you find yourself fearing or even mourning the demise of Babylon, it is because to some degree you are still there. Babylon is falling, let her go. Come to Zion and rejoice in Babylon's prophesied destruction. Does this mean the end of the United States? Heavens no. Does this mean we quit standing up for correct principles and the Constitution, absolutely not. We don't have to be wreckers though, let's be builders. As we build Zion, we build, defend and protect all that is good around us. Every person who has adopted the Zion paradigm is one less person of the Babylon mind set. People are crossing the border all the time. Sadly, many, even in the church, remain in Babylon. You can hear the terror in their voices. Zion is not the church. Zion is the pure in heart. Come to Zion.

Sean Hannity is a nice man. I think much of what he is about is good. I often hear him say, "Let not your heart be troubled." He probably means it, but every one I talk to, who listens to his programs, seems to have a troubled heart, to be pessimistic. I think that's because they've got the wrong paradigm. They're trying to save Babylon and they're barking up the wrong tree. There is only one way to keep Christ's commandment to "let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid" and that's to come to Zion. Which is to be in the world but not of it; to stop clinging to what we think we deserve and start viewing life as a gift and a stewardship; to stop condemning those still in Babylon, but rather, inviting them to Zion, rejoicing. Babylon is about fear, fear of loss. Zion is about love and abundance.

Babylon is falling, let her go.

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