Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Hare Hilton Gets Its Finishing Touches

After way too many days of hard work the Hare Hilton has finally had its finishing touches applied. It was a good lesson in life for me. The grand kids have faithfully showed up to help and have been so very excited about the project. Too much of the project precluded them from participating as they'd have liked. What with the dangers of power tools and such, there just wasn't that much meaningful stuff they could do. I appreciated all the fetching they willingly, even eagerly did, but that wasn't very satisfying and fulfilling for them.

They got it in their heads that at least they could help paint. That's not too difficult or dangerous. So, when I broke out the airless paint sprayer and painted it without their help they were very let down. Grandma came to the rescue. You see I'm all about results, I guess. But Grandma is all about the kids. We got some colored paint and decided to let them paint after all. I still didn't get it though. I was going to let them have at the back where it wouldn't show. But Grandma protested, "What good is art you can't see!" I started to catch on and the slide show tells the rest. As I pondered the project later I realized that Grandma had it right. What if God wouldn't let me paint just because I couldn't paint up to His standards. Would I ever learn or grow? Of course not. He gives me stewardship and responsibility over things He could do much better than I and He no doubt smiles at my results, imperfect as they are. To me the Hare Hilton is beautiful. To God, my feeble efforts must be too!

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Love Life and Learning said...

"Hilton" for sure! Wow....what an amazing project. It is fantastic. You've really out done yourself. What lucky grandparents you are to have such artistic grandchildren. What terrific grandparents you are to your grandkids. Loved the pictures!!!!

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