Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Book Review - Frankenstein - Dead and Alive

Holy Cow! What fun! After what seemed an interminable wait, I finally got to read the third in Dean Koontz's Frankenstein series.

Koontz wrote the first two with co-authors. His fingerprints were still all over them and I loved them both. Number three brings the climax of a most compelling and imaginative story. He wrote the third volume of the trilogy alone. You know I love reading Koontz's work and Frankenstein was no exception. Don't let the fact that this series was never published in hardbound throw you. This is classic Koontz and well worth the read.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein is still alive in the 21st Century! So is his monster. Consistent with Shelley's characters but set in today's New Orleans, the story reaches into our lives and times in an frighteningly poignant way.

This is a extraordinarily superior story. Even more I loved the examination of what it means to be human. While we are weak, vulnerable and full of flaws, Koontz helped me appreciate how priceless our sorrows, joys, triumphs, failures, strengths and weaknesses are.

"Sometimes Jocko thought about big issues....Big issues like why some things were ugly, some weren't. Maybe if everything was beautiful, nothing would be." I always love Dean Koontz's examination of opposites and the precarious balance between real good and real evil in the world. While his stories are not real, his examination of life is.

Enjoy the whole series!


Booklogged said...

Now that book three is published I can start this series. YAY! Glad you enjoyed it and don't have to wait any longer for that 3rd book.

Melissa Hudson said...

I LOVE dean koontz! Blake's the one that got me hooked on his books. I've read Intensity (by far the best), his Odd Thomas books, and The Husband (also really good). He does have a wonderful way of exploring good and evil and what makes them so different or not. He's amazingly intense and fast paced. . . .I really couldn't put his stuff down. Anyway, I'm excited to looking into his Frankenstein books! :)

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