Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Saturday I had to move the Hare Hilton off the lawn. It had been there too long already and the grass was trodden down, dried out and in horrible shape. We've got entertaining to do back there and I hoped to get it into recovery before that next onslaught.

The hutch, which you may have already observed, had taken on a life of it's own. One consequence being that it was way too heavy for John and I to move by ourselves. I have always had too much of an independent streak to be comfortable asking others for help getting me out of fixes I managed perfectly fine to get myself into on my own. Still, there was nothing for it so I called around asking for volunteers.

Of course friends from all around readily volunteered. Dan and Wayne and Paul and John rallied and had the thing moved, easily, and in short order. Plenty of joking, back slapping, cajoling and fun accompanied the, far too short, time we spent together on the project.

I've thought of that experience several times in the few days since. I need more of that. More of the brotherhood of my brethren. I have fond memories of my youth being spent, picking cherries on the Welfare Farm in Provo, bucking bales or irrigating on the Welfare Farm here in Vernal, building the Ashley Stake Center, going with the quorum to cut wood for the widows in our Ward. Working shoulder to shoulder adds a dimension to Priesthood brotherhood that you just can't get in a meeting.

I'll will always cherish the day I spent with Tom Howells removing concrete forms beneath the furnace room in the Ashley Stake Center. Tom and I remained close friends for the rest of our lives. Despite the wide difference in our ages, the brotherhood we felt that day, became a bond of trust and admiration, never to be broken.

Around here, the Welfare Farm, is a thing of the past and, too often, so is meaningful service performed with gloves and overalls. I've resolved to need my neighbors more and I hope to encourage them to need me. Many hands makes light work, but better than that, is the bond of friendship, brotherhood and strength that inevitably grows from it.

I heard there's a work project scheduled at the Heber Girl's Camp in September. I think I'll go.

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