Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh, To Be Like Steve (Different Steve)

Last night Steve and Verona and Kirk and Dorraine dropped by. We sat on the picnic tables out back and visited for hours. What a wonderful evening of joyful companionship. I have no idea what the gals were discussing, but it was lively, even raucous, so it must have been fun.

As for the guys, well, Steve brought another of his creations to share and Kirk and I had a good time learning about flutes. I have quite a collection of flutes; Native American, South American, Irish etc. Steve makes his own. He started into this flute fetish before I did and has purchased a few, but the vast majority of them he has built himself.

This evening he brought one over that is large and experimental. It has no finger holes but he can play it in five octaves. It is what you'd call a drone. As luck would have it, this drone is tuned precisely to harmonize with one of my favorite Native flutes. I was playing mine when he piped in with his drone and the effect was enchanting. We improvised a couple of songs together with magical effect.

I marvel at Steve's enormous curiosity and his confidence in tackling the project of making not only one, but several wonderful instruments. He keeps copious notes. Researches and experiments constantly and each new creation seems an amazing improvement over the last. He's becoming a self taught master craftsman.

So, not only does he enjoy making music, he is expanding his mind, developing his gifts, manifesting his practicality and sharing his talents. I would love to make so much of life and living. Thank you Steve, for not only sharing your great music, but also the inquisitive, creative, adventuresome song of your kind heart.

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