Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wayne A. Jenkins - December 1961 to August 2009

I didn't know Wayne A. Jenkins. I knew his parents. I knew of their concern when he first got sick. I knew of the roller coaster ride of fear and elation, doubt and confidence, miracle and disappointment that thrilled and chilled their hearts for the past two years. I knew of their deep abiding faith and trust in God. It was all evident yesterday morning as I sat in their living room and grieved his passing with them.

Jim and Jackie told me of tender moments of faith and testimony during Wayne's ordeal. They told me of faithful friends, devoted siblings, earnest children, loving in-laws, a constantly devoted wife and a caring, loving and enduring, though dieing, father. They were touching stories of love, sorrow and faith. There was no panic in their voices, no anguish in their demeanor. Only, faith and love and loneliness. It will likely be a long time before they see Wayne again - long in the dog days of mortality. But in my two sweet friends glows an inner confidence that, distant or close, that day of joyful reunion will come and it will be accompanied by the majestic music of gratitude and love.

As is so often the case, I go to comfort and return comforted. What a blessing it is to know and be known by faithful, faith-filled Latter-day Saints. Like everyone else, they suffer tribulation in life. Like most they face it with resolute determination. Like some, they also face it with assurance, confidence, courage and above all perspective. What a gift it is to know and understand God's Plan of Happiness, Redemption, Salvation, The Great Plan of the Eternal God. A plan which He has revealed to us, so that we can see life in its entire beauty, majesty, and perfection. A gift we so gratefully appreciate because while embracing our sorrow, through the tears we can look over it's shoulder at the bright broad glory of eternity.


Booklogged said...

It brings much comfort to know there is life after death. What a wonderful reunion with those who have gone on before us.

Candleman said...

I guess one thing about getting old is that gradually, we have more and more friends and family over there rather than still here. I expect it will evenually tip the balance regarding my preference whether to stay or go. For now? I'm happy to stay. Even as lonely as it sometimes gets.

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