Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boycott The Biggest Loser

Update: 9/29/2009 - I was persuaded to watch again this evening. Much has changed. The language is much much improved. NBC, may I personally say thank you, for making the much needed change.

I watched the opening of The Biggest Loser, until in disgust I had to shut it off. It isn't new to this season that Bob and Jillian have filthy mouths that have to be bleeped during every workout. But last night was over the top! Folks, that behavior is not necessary and need not be tolerated by the viewing audience. It's time to boycott the program and it's sponsors and see if we can't get it back on track.

Bob and Jillian are not the fall guys here. The editors can bleep their language. They can also edit such behavior completely out of what we see. Clearly, they choose not to and I can only imagine they're after ratings. Let's give them some - some lousy ones.

I'm sure they'll try to justify the language as a "boot camp" approach. I went to boot camp. In six weeks I never heard the kind of abusive language I witnessed last night. Things may have changed in the nearly 40 years since I enlisted, but I'll bet it has changed for the better.

Our society has such a sickening double standard. If Nancy Pelosi told some junior congressman, she was trying to school, that he was going to be her "bitch" for the season, she'd be out of a job. They didn't bleep that one last night, when Jillian was shown making such a declaration to one of the contestants. Call it reality if you like. I call it debauchery and disgusting beyond the pale.

I've felt for years now that this program was a helpful, inspiring force for good. I've changed my mind. Count me out, until such time as The Biggest Loser can lose the trash talk.

Here is a partial list of sponsors to include in the boycott. Leave a comment if you're on board and pass the word. We want NBC to get the message soon and emphatically!

  • Britta
  • 24 Fitness
  • Shinealight
  • American Express
  • QVC
  • Subway


Booklogged said...

Count me in! I have really liked this show, but the language has become really bad. Even when they bleep out the foul stuff you still know what was said. I don't want those words making their way into my mind.

I'm glad to see someone else was as annoyed as I was. I use products by several of the sponsors, but I will gladly quit if the show will clean up their language so I can watch it again. And use the products again.

Biggest Looser - PLEASE, shape up!

Roanokejoe said...

Are you serious with this? Just what kind of Ozzie and Harriet world do you and your readers live in? The BL is helping MILLIONS of people get healthier, and you guys wanna boycott them because of bad language? Get real, you bunch of goody-two-shoe idiots. Look at the big picture. Obesity is America's new #1 killer. I'm sorry you're precious ears are offended, but the BL needs to make its point in any way it can.

Myke Weber said...

Yes I am serious about this. While it is true that obesity is a big problem in America, the decline of our ethics and morality is an even bigger problem. We (by that I mean many viewers) took a stand and as I noted in red at the top of the article, Biggest Loser responded by cleaning up its act. For which I am most grateful.

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