Sunday, September 6, 2009

Movie Review - Evelyn

Set in Ireland this wonderful movie will warm the cockles of your very heart.

Abandoned by his wife and left with three children Desmond Doyle (Pierce Brosnan) has his children taken from him. He fights a desperate and heroic battle to get them back.

It is a true story of love, desperation and triumph that will linger in my heart for a life time. The film is filled with the charm and desperation of a great people in a great land. Not since I read Angela's Ashes has the heart song of Ireland stirred so deeply within me.

Though I've proven Scottish and Manx ancestry the story and culture and music of the Emerald Isle resonates so deeply in my soul that I cannot doubt there is Irish blood flowing there as well.

Be sure to put this one on your list of movies to enjoy!


Booklogged said...

I'll warm the cockles of my own heart, if you don't mind!

Really was a good movie.

Booklogged said...

Be still my heart! Do I see something about the laundry room on your sidebar?!

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