Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank You Steve!

They say a friend is someone who knows your song and sings it for you when you've lost your way. Something like that anyway.

Yesterday, my good friend Steve was such a friend. I've been a bit discouraged about my new job. Without going into details, the past two weeks has been challenging. After one brief orientation my supervisor went on two weeks vacation. My other coworkers have been nice and helpful, but too many things were out of their control. Frustrated, I was about ready to quit.

Then Steve came along. He was at the house on another errand and offered me a ride to work. On the way, he sang me my song, so to speak. In just a few short minutes he turned me right around and reminded me of what I am about. That brief moment in time changed my whole attitude.

My new job is perfect for me in that respect. I wish it paid more, but it puts me in a position to make a difference in the lives of young people. Few things give me more fire of passion than these wonderful, vulnerable, lovable youth. I am truly blessed to be able to serve them, in any capacity, but the one I have gives me so much opportunity that its overwhelming. I'm a Deputy Probation Officer for the Juvenile Court. My assignment is to run the work crew that enables the kids to work off fines and community service hours. I have an amazing amount of latitude with regard to how to accomplish that task. I even awoke in the middle of the night imagining creative ways to help them.

I hope, somehow, I can learn their songs and spend my time singing them back to them in their troubled hours.

Thanks again, Steve.

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