Friday, October 23, 2009

Book Review - The 4-Hour Work Week

Holy Cow, what a refreshing look and life and living!  I wish I'd read this book 40 years ago!  Of course it wasn't written then. 

The cover picture is a bit of misnomer, because you're not likely to find Timothy Ferriss lying in a hammock somewhere.  If, and that's a pretty big if, you catch up with him somewhere, you're not likely to keep up with him.  He won't be "working" but he will be busy, have purpose, and he will be enjoying life.

Ferriss breaks out of the 9-5 rut in the most exciting imaginative way!  He challenges all norms, not to be contrary, but to find the vitality or lack thereof, in their assumptions.  He just won't tolerate leaks in a bucket that claims to hold water.  Most of us, blindly accept things as they are, even if they're intolerable.  Not Timothy Ferriss, if something doesn't make sense, he finds a way that does.  I have never found so much common sense packed in so few pages.  His notions and approaches are entirely practical, realistic, achievable and moral.  Not only that - it is completely adaptable to your hopes, your dreams, your priorities and your circumstances.  Ferriss is not trying to cast his audience in his own mold.  His objective is to help each of us to shape our own lives into something more individual, fulfilling and authentic.  Like any great innovator, he has identified principles, exemplified practices and freely shared his discoveries with us.

I won't be letting this gem gather dust.  Now that I've read it, its time to dig in and apply its principles in my own approach to life.  You see The 4-Hour Work Week not only instructs, it stands as a reference to which I'll likely refer for the rest of my life.  A life which I expect to be much better for having done so.

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