Thursday, October 8, 2009

Book Review - The Continuous Atonement by Brad Wilcox

Those who know me, know I encourage everyone to read Stephen Robinson's Believing Christ.  I would still encourage most friends to read that one first.  But, then I would insist that they read this one.   

The Continuous Atonement has such a fresh, sweet, uplifting perspective.  You know how, when you're searching radio stations and the receiver lands on one playing LDS music, you can recognize it instantly?  Not because you know the song, but because all LDS music seems to have a familiar ring to it?  There is something almost generic about it.  Well, there is none of that in Wilcox's writing.

Other examples come to mind.  I love to hear a new convert pray or speak.  Especially one, who was spiritually mature, before joining the church.  They don't express themselves in the same ways we are used to hearing things in Church.  They don't use the same old cliche's and they seem to bring a fresh vocabulary to the familiar and well worn truths.  What they say is not different, but the difference in how they say it, sheds new light and fresh perspective on old topics.

So it is with Brother Wilcox.  Every chapter is a fresh, hopeful, delightful expression of things we've long been taught.  Each adds bright fresh flavor and texture that captivates and inspires.  I have read lots of books on the Atonement and this one tops my list!  Thank you Brad, for sharing part of the depth and breadth of your understanding, with one, such as I, whose mind has such a hard time breaking out of the ruts of the past.

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