Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Itchy Feet!

Sweetie and I have just had one of our spur of the moment moments.  We're headed out of town.  We aren't too sure where the trip will take us or for exactly how long.  You can follow along by clicking on The Folks Aren't Home tab above.  We'll keep you posted as to our whereabouts if not our destination.  There may be the occasional post here as well and I'll keep up with The Book Of Mormon Today, so keep stopping in there.

Not sure what we're looking for since we've already found each other.  There's got to be something in this quest.  Maybe its food, fun, Fulghum, forgetfulness, fantasy, focus, fundamentals, future, fame.... Who knows maybe its just surprise!



1 comment:

Booklogged said...

So far we found all those and folds, too, as in waterpocket folds. The Burr Trail was definitely worth it.

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