Saturday, November 14, 2009

Settling Down

I'll probably report on a trip my  brother-in-law and I took to Southern Utah and Northern Arizona here in a day or two.  We covered a lot of country in three days of blissful sightseeing.  But that is for when I've got the pictures a little better organized.  We took so very many photos!

Anyway, now I'm back and hopefully, back in the saddle.  I interviewed for, acquired and have begun a new job.  I'm at it now.  I work the control room at the local Juvenile Detention Center.  It's just part time and so far I love it.  I've volunteered at the Center for five and a half years now.  It's rather interesting to see the operation from the otherside of the glass.  While I have no contact with the youth, as I do in my volunteer role, I do have opportunity to watch and pray for them.  Common words in the scriptures, watch and pray.  Very often we think of our work in the church as an active, hands on, labor thing.  Yet, God's admonition is often, just watch and pray.  As I sit here scanning the monitors, I'm afforded time to contemplate these wonderful children, their lives, trials and challenges.  I can love them and I do, but much of what they require is beyond my capacity.  That is were a kind and loving Heavenly Father comes in.  He loves them too.  He can and does orchestrate circumstances that are suited to bring each of us home to His home.  As I watch and consider the difficulties they each face, I'm grateful that I can invoke blessings from a loving God upon each of their heads.

Because of separation of church and state rules, I am required by law to relegate my religious activites to my volunteer time.  Still, I think I shall not get into much trouble if I watch and pray while on State time.

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Utah Mom said...

I hope all goes well with your new job. Good luck.

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