Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just A Quick Note

Our daughter Kristi dropped by yesterday to tell us she has purchased a Jeep with the steering wheel on the right, to be used in her new job as a Rural Mail Carrier.  The rig is located in Galena, Illinois and the delivery fee alone will cost her $1620.00.  That seemed a bit outrageous to us and we thought we might save her several hundred dollars by flying back there and driving it home for her.  We've purchased air fare to Chicago and will leave tomorrow.

We think we'll spend a day enjoying Chicago and then do what sightseeing the weather permits on our way home.  We have to be back by Monday, so we won't be lallygagging around too much.  I'm interested to see what it's like to drive from the opposite side of the car.

Once again, we'll be posting our travels on The Folks Aren't Home, so please feel free to follow along.

As for me?  Another glorious chance to spend some time on the road!  Can't ever have too much fun!

Life is such a series of surprises.  You never know what's next!

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