Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meet Rosetta

When we go to an unfamiliar city we commonly take a hop on hop off tour.  It's a great way to learn about the city, identify things we want to focus on and a convenient way to get around.  Even though this was our second trip to Chicago, we thought this to be our best transportation option.  We were glad we did.  Especially, when we got on Rosetta's Trolley.

We loved her tour.  She was so informative.  She was so opinionated!  Rosetta had an opinion about everything.  When we passed the US Mint, for example, she told us not to bother taking their long and boring tour.  "You can still go in and get a bag of shredded money, but don't take the tour," she insisted. 

While Rosetta never told us her last name, I feel certain it has to be Stone.  Rosetta Stone, a perfect name for someone with such clarity of position and communication.  We could better understand all that was around us because of the lens Rosetta let us briefly peer through. 

Rosetta had us in stitches the entire time.  When we passed Soldier Field, she called it an abomnation!  She echos the sentiment of most Chicagoans who think it disgusting that the rennovation eliminated thousands of cheap seats making it harder for regular folks to attend Bears games.  "Besides it looks like an ugly space ship crashed in to the middle of the colloseum!" she declares.

"Shopping on the Miracle Mile will cost you 30% more, than if you shop downtown." Rosetta tells us.  "If I catch you shopping on the Miracle Mile, I'll run over you with this bus!"  "I only bring you up here to show you how many people there are who have more money than sense!" Rosetta quips.

It is clear that Rosetta loves her Chicago, her Cubs, her cultural treasures.  Still, rediculous was her most commonly used modifier.  The rediculous Bean.  Oprah's rediculous $45 million dollar appartment with Cashmere carpet.  The rediculous hole where the Chicago Spire was supposed to stand.  The rediculous prices at this restraunt or that hotel.  The rediculous kid wearing shorts.  I loved that there was no vitriloic voice in her use of rediculous.  It was more a tone of adoration. It was like saying, "I love how silly you are."   It was as if rediculous was an essential ingredient in the joy that is Chicago.

We finished our tour with Rosetta at the Willis Building.  That's what the sign on the building says anyway.  Rosetta refuses to call it anything but the Sears Tower.  When someone pointed out that the building's owners ought to be able to call it what they wish she shouted, "What chu talking 'bout Willis!"

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Cindi said...

She sounds like a riot!

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