Thursday, December 3, 2009

Photo Problems

I've upgraded to Windows 7 and now my computer doesn't recognize my camera.  I'm working on a resolution but in the meantime, our travel photos can't be shared with you.  That's too bad, but I'll have a visit with Bill Gates and see what can be done.  Too bad we didn't go to Seattle.

Today was a lovely day in Chicago.  We ate in the beautiful Walnut Room at Macy's.  The store used to be the famous Marshall Fields.  I enjoyed my first Swedish Meatballs and absolutely loved them.  Such a wonderful combination of flavors, topped with Lingonberry preserves.  There are apparently some awful things to eat in Sweden, but meatballs are clearly an exception.  There was a 40 foot tree decorated in the middle of the room.

Next we walked over to browse Kriskindle, a wonderful set of little German shops set up in a plaza in town.  Christmas ornaments, cuckoo clocks, strudel, charm.  We had a great time browsing the shops, all nice little wooden structures.  Snow began to fall.  Bon Hiver!

We took a little bus tour of the city.  We'd done this on our last visit, but it was great to do it after dark with all the beautiful Christmas lights.  A couple of blocks from the hotel we ate at Portillo's.  A wonderful diner with Chicago style hot dogs that were simply wonderful.  It's so amazing that something simple as a hot dog could be so good!

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