Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Under Way

We're sitting at gate A-4 in the Salt Lake City airport watching folks depart from our plane. In an hour we'll take their places and fly off to Phoenix, where we'll switch planes and fly to Chicago. I don't know if I can blog on the plane, but hey, we'll be flying over country I've driven three times in the past month and I'd sure like to be watching for familiar sights. Of course we'll cross over the Grand Canyon too, I suppos,e and that should be fun to see. The skies are clear so we ought to be able to see the expanse of the Uintah Basin and the marvels of Canyonlands out our chosen window.

Sweet Katie dropped us off a bit ago worrying about us. We worry a little too. Out baby is out there driving on the freeway all by herself. She has been the best driver though, so there's little to fear. She's bright, careful and alert. Sure hope she has a fun day shopping, visiting cousins and driving home.

It was quite interesting going through security. We had a bottle of lotion and a tube of shaving cream confiscated. It would be nice to have been better informed about what we could bring and what we couldn't. Booklogged was a little ticked, but, not wanting her to be mistaken for a terrorist, I calmed her down as quickly as possible.

They call it NEWS, that blather being broadcast above my head. It's more like gossip and is meaningless drivel which reminds me why I don't watch broadcast news. What Tiger Woods does with his personal time is Tiger's business not mine or anyone else's. The evening news devotes more time to the Biggest Loser than it does how Congress shafted us in some new way today. Staying informed about anything of consequence is a major challenge in today's world of spun sugar news that has no substance, just looks pretty and tastes sweet. Too much of the world is that way, cardboard shacks with glitzy facades.

See ya, in Chigago.

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