Saturday, January 2, 2010

Movie Review - Cranford

Set in the village of Cranford, England in 1840, this wonderful series is so wonderfully crafted.  Judy Densch leads a magnificent cast of warm and credible characters.
1840 was a different time and great care was taken to make it so in this charming mini series.  This is the period in which thousands of English converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and migrated to America.  Seeing how customs and morays governed their lives and compassion, goodness and charity guided their hearts, I felt I could better understand such women as Eliza R. Snow and Mary Fielding Smith.
There was a refinement and quality of character that is so lost among us today as to make me jealous.  Yet there were such formalized restrictions as to make me rejoice to live now and not then.
If you are a Latter-day Saint of English stock, I highly recommend you spend the time and get acquainted with your wonderful roots.  Surely there were many who came from poverty amongst the factories of Manchester or the wharves of Liverpool, but I think many many are of stock such as these, whose integrity out weighed convention and whose courage stood the test.

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