Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Me And Bobby McGee

Last night Sweetie was playing a selection of Roger Miller stuff on her iPod and up came his version of Me and Bobby McGee by Kris Kristofferson.  I've heard so many versions of it and supposed that Janis Joplin's was the first one recorded. Up until now, hers was my favorite.  I had always thought I was prejudiced by first recordings.  Nobody seems to do them justice after the original.  My supposition was that I have a resistance to change so every first recording, therefore, becomes my preference.

Much to my surprise, I discovered that Roger Miller was the first to record that much loved song!  And his rendition seems to be my favorite!

According to Wikipedia 55 major artists have recorded a rendition of Me And Bobby McGee.  I wonder if that is a record, no pun intended.  Janis Joplin's version took the song to the top of the charts, but not until after her death.  It was her only number one single.

Whose version is your favorite?  I'll compile the stats in a couple of weeks.

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Booklogged said...

How would I know - my ear has a shorter memory than my brain! Sad to be me sometimes. I just re-listened to Roger Miller's version and really like it but I might like Elvis' version better if I could listen to it just after Miller's. It is crazy that so many people recorded that song - why?!

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