Friday, July 16, 2010

Find Me On

The LDS Church has added a wonderful new feature to their website  They've invited members to post their profiles to their site so visitors and get acquainted with real members of the Church.  I was fortunate to be approved among the first 2000 profiles.  There are presently 13,000 profiles awaiting approval.

You can view my profile there and also post a profile of your own.  I think this is a great new opportunity to share the blessings of the gospel with interested people from around the globe.

I read yesterday that a Mission in New York is experimenting with Social Networking.  They have several missionaries who have set up pages on Facebook, MySpace and others in order to connect with and teach the gospel to an even more wonderful people.  Sounds, like fun.  Easier than knocking on doors.  But hey, I loved knocking on doors.  Those were such good times going around meeting people.  Of course in the Philippines it was easy.  Everyone was hospitable and kind.  I never had a single door slammed in my face in the entire two years I was there.

I think it is wonderful that technology is being developed and embraced by the Church and that it is becoming ever more effective in sharing the truths and joy that so richly bless our lives.


Jammie said...

Wow! This is sooo wonderful! I will have to look more into this!

Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful that the Church is exploring these new avenues of communication and I can't think of a better individual for people to observe than Myke Weber. He's my cousin!

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