Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Aerospace Museum at Hill Field

Just out side Hill Air Force Base near Roy, Utah is Hill's Aerospace Museum.  During a lull in the Family Reunion, while many were attending the ground breaking ceremonies for the new Brigham City Temple.  John, Jeff and I visited the Museum.  Earlier in the morning Jeff's imagination was piqued as a couple of F-16's flew over the reunion park on their way to the west desert for practice maneuvers. 

The Museum is free of charge and has a wonderful collection of vintage planes.  Here's Jeff in his flight suit ready for take off.

This sweet, beautifully preserved B-17 Bomber was my favorite.  I've read stories about flying these in WWII and seeing one really captured my imagination.  How I admire the heroes who flew them and the gunners who defended them.
Here's Captain Jeff in the cockpit.  Ready for a dog fight!
Jeff's Aunt Aly repairs Avionics on the F-15, pictured here and also the F-16.
Jeff was excited to see what Aly's Test Stations look like.
Here Jeff flies an F-16 flight simulator.  We had a fantastic time observing the marvelous advances in flight from the Wright Brothers to todays amazing jet fighters.  What a great opportunity and all for free!


Framed said...

Great pics. Jeff looks like he is having a blast.

Alyson said...

Wow those test stations are old!! I don't even recognize them and they have big holes in them (I'm guessing those things were taken for parts). Crazy...I'm glad they've made advances since then. Jeff looks like he's having fun in that simulator. Thanks for sharing.

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