Sunday, August 29, 2010

Utah Book Bloggers' Summer Social

I had a great time at the Utah Book Bloggers' Summer Social.  It was held along the Jordan River in Sandy on Saturday evening.  More details can be found at It's All About Books!.

I had intended to go with Booklogged, my Sweetie, but her mother is awfully ill and she elected to say by her side.  Sweetie insisted that I go though and I'm all about pleasing Sweetie.  I owe her big time and any progress toward paying the enormous debt I owe her, is a privilege.

I'm new to this scene and arrived totally unacquainted with the group.  That didn't last long.  Everyone was so kind and friendly.  I quickly relaxed and had a great time.  It helps to have a common interest, though ordinarily, the books I read were utterly un-heard-of in this crowd.  The gender and generation gaps are very obvious.  Thankfully, a few husbands turned up or I'd have felt like a fox in a hen house.  It was good for me to meet some very fine authors, who surprisingly, are ordinary folks like you and me!

Thanks Suey and Natasha for a great time!  I hope to be there again next time!


Utah Mom said...

Sorry I missed seeing you there. I had hoped to make it.

I really hope your mother-in-law recovers quickly. She is such a fabulous person.

Candleman said...

How sweet. Actually, she has stage 4 Stomach Cancer which has metastasized to other organs. We don't expect to have her more than a few more weeks.

Suey said...

So glad you could make it! It was fun meeting you and I'm happy that in the end you were glad you came. Tell Booklogged we missed her though, and so sorry to hear about her mom. :(

Lyn Bardwell said...

It was so fun to meet you last Saturday. I'm looking forward to checking your reading list and branching out a little bit!

KIKA said...

Myke! it was so good meeting you :) Thanks so much for the book! I'm excited to read it. I was walking through the BYU bookstore on my way to class and they had his books out on display! I nearly jumped up and down and said "I have that book! I have that book!"

All the best to your wife and mother in law. Wish I could've met her but am so glad you came!

(and that ain't no S**t) LOL funniest story:) had a great time!

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