Friday, December 24, 2010

Snowman Snow!

It is indeed a rare thing where we live to get snowman snow.  Usually we get powder so light and fine that it won't pack into a snowball, let alone a snowman.  Not so this year.  It is perfect for shaping and sculpting into all kinds of fantastic shapes!  Couple that with unseasonably warm weather and you have the perfect snow year for children.  It has rained a good deal since the 15 inches of snow fell in our yard.  The grandchildren have played in it for hours all week.  They've built forts and snowmen, even a hippo.  Little Jeff, who'd rather play Nintendo than anything, has completely forgotten about being a gamer and has practically lived outside!

The other day I took them to see their cousins, all older.  Wow!  The fantastic creations they produced in their yard  were truly inspiring to these impressionable young minds!  There was a monster big enough to eat Sam.  And a pile to slide off that was higher than the ladder used to climb to it's top.  There was a peeping snowman looking into the front window, with his weedy hand pressed inquisitively against the glass.  Also a space ship and a large Kilroy looking creature climbing out of the field.

I wonder if Jeff and Megan will ever have such fun in the snow again.  Usually this time of year is too cold for such fun and as I said, the snow a poor medium for artists and warriors.  This is by far the best I've ever seen it and I'm 60 years old.  I don't think I'll point that out to them though.  They're enjoying it well enough.  I'd hate to make them anxious that it might never happen again.  While it is true that this is the best they'll ever see, it is also a distinct possibility that it is not.  There is no sense worrying  either way.  We've been given this gift, lets fully enjoy it while it's here.

I hope it does get a lot colder soon for the sake of Ryan's luge.  Most years there is enough snow that he builds a giant luge in his backyard.  This year there is enough, though its been too warm to sustain it so far.  One year it was three stories tall.  Kids could slide down it's banked curves as it descended in serpentine fashion around their yard.  Sliding on snow saucers the kids have a ball!  One year he even built a chamber within the pile and standing in there you would see the kids rocket by on the slide as it too passed through the foundations of the luge.  Considering that it is composed of snow and stands in a relatively flat suburban backyard, this luge is really quite an accomplishment.  Ryan often borrows snow from all over the neighborhood.  He uses upturned milk crates for steps up to the precarious launching platform.  To keep it strong and fast he sprays it down with water in the middle of the night.  Hope it works out this year.

Another big bonus was a snow day!  On Monday is snowed so hard and more was predicted so they let school out early on Tuesday and cancelled Wednesday all together.  I can't remember ever having a snow day around here.  Most of us have four-wheel drive vehicles and the City, County and State are well prepared to clear the roads.  When it snows around here we just head on out like we do on any other day.  This kids missed their class Christmas parties on Wednesday, but are looking forward to late presents after the first of the year.  Kids, Moms and Teachers alike were heard rejoicing at an unexpected day off before the Holiday.

I just walked out to bring in some firewood and noticed the neighbor's grandkids, newly arrived from California, playing in the snow across the street.  Glee in their voices and ambition in their countenances as they too, joined in the fun of snow art and construction.  For all of us it is "the most wonderful time of the year!"
Sam, are you being swallowed or barfed?

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