Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Love My Life!

I've been blessed with so many opportunities to serve and the rewards are enormous.  Last night I was facilitating a 12 Step Group at the Detention Center.  15 Youth attended the meeting.  We talked a lot about pain.  There was eager participation, but a general reluctance to focus on what's hurting them.  Still, I could see in their eyes a specific hurt that despite are cavalier demeanor, betrayed their fear.  After the meeting two of them asked for some personal time.  Our hearts had met in some way and they wanted further help to deal with the wounds of their souls.

I love looking past their hardened exteriors where tattoos and indifferent or defiant faces conceal what longing eyes reveal.  These are tender hearted children who've been severely harmed by this mortal world.  They've put up walls with which to protect themselves, but deep inside they are still hopeful.  Hopeful that there might actually be someone out there they could trust.  Someone they might dare to invite inside to share the load.

Do you know what a blessing it is to be that person?  That one they are willing to trust?  It is such a burden, for I could not bear to let them down.  But it is also such a joy.  These precious children of God are in such great need of His love but fear is keeping them from it.  We need to offer them love unfeigned so they can find a safe place to grow and heal.  There is no greater gift God could give me than to be their friend and to witness their joy as they emerge from their sorrow.

There are millions in the world who, like these, need such love.  They are old and young, large and small and it is you and I who must love them.  That is really all that is required.  Love.  Just as they are.  Love.

I do not know, how I could be so blessed as to have this privilege.  To love and be loved is the greatest gift of all and it is mine.

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