Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Touched by the Finger of the Lord

I have long felt the need to have the Lord put forth His finger and touch my efforts that they might shine.  Even my very best my efforts, when left to themselves, are as inert as were the stones the Brother of Jared brought before the Lord seeking to have them give light in their vessels. Clearly, those stones did not shine until they were touched by the Lord.  I have not altered that notion. I and all I do are completely useless without the attending power and grace of God.

Yesterday, as I was on an errand for the Lord, I said a prayer to that effect.  "Would Thou, on account of my weakness before Thee, please put forth Thy finger and give power to my work that it might be satisfactory to Thy purposes?"  The Spirit whispered an interesting response.  "I already have.  I have given you the Priesthood, which is my power.  Exercise it righteously and you have all the power you need."

I will continue to pray for the grace and influence of God in all I do; but with the realization that such a prayer is an acknowledgement of my need for such grace, accompanied by the assurance that, if I am serving worthily, my plea has already been abundantly granted.

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