Monday, March 7, 2011

My Book is Nearly Done

I've been working on my new book Commend Yourself to God - Commentary on the Nature of Change.  It is nearing completion but needs some editing and feedback.  I am publishing it as it currently exists in the form of a blog, to be found at Commend Yourself to God.  As blogs publish backwards with most recent items posted at the top you can read it chronologically by clicking on the individual chapters under the table of contents listed at the right.  If you would like to copy or print it out in it's proper sequence you can also find it at my site on Google Documents.

The book is about manipulation which I define as: influencing or playing upon others, by devious means, to one's own advantage.  Most of us hate to be manipulated.  Most of us are loathe to admit that we ourselves are manipulators.  I think you'll be surprised how many of us manipulate.  Moreover, I think you'll be shocked at the damage manipulation is causing in our families, and in the church, community and nation.  It is time to make ourselves aware of this primary tool of the evil one and divorce ourselves from it's insidious use.

This book is not written to give victims of manipulation an excuse, nor ammo for retaliation.  It is not written to condemn those who have manipulated us.  It is written to make us aware of its effects in our lives and to teach us how to refrain from letting manipulation destroy us as well as how to discontinue the oppression of others by manipulative means.

I hope you will find it enlightening, occasionally entertaining, motivating and inspirational.  We manipulate because we'd like to see change in ourselves and others.  There is a better way to bring about change which you will discover as you study the examples set forth in this work. As you read you'll learn better what it is to change and how that is appropriately and effectively brought about.  Enjoy!


Michaela Stephens said...

I found your book interesting. Your stories convey that you have a fascinating perspective to share.

You say that your book is about manipulation. As a reader, it seems to be about the interplay between manipulation and addiction. It might be good to look through each of your chapters and make sure they stay on track with with this interplay.

Another thing: your title "Commend Yourself to God" seems to speak to the addiction aspect, but doesn't evoke the idea of overcoming manipulation. Perhaps a subtitle might add some clarification?

I found your insights about frustration causing relapse and pain causing manipulation to be very insightful. Thanks for this.

Michaela Stephens said...

Oops, sorry, I just realized you already had a subtitle. Forgive me for not noticing earlier. Are you targeting general change or are you trying to speak specifically about manipulation and addiction? I think that if you speak to those extremes and subtitle accordingly, then those less extremes will come along for the ride and learn something.

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