Saturday, April 2, 2011

Parley P Pratt's Pre-Priesthood Pizza Party

My cousin Steve is LDS Institute Director at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.  Last night the men of the Tute held an activity in conjunction with the Priesthood Session of General Conference.  Because of the time difference the meeting doesn't begin on the east coast until 8:00 PM.  So at 7 Pm they had "7 P's" or "Parley P Pratt's Pre-Priesthood Pizza Party."  What a great idea!  I wanted to do the same here in our Utah Ward, but alas, didn't hear about it until yesterday.

When I got to the Stake Center to enjoy Priesthood Meeting I sat by a good friend of mine who is an Elder's Quorum President.  He was crying.  We were 15 minutes early so we had a good talk.  He'd just been out trying to rally some Quorum members to the meeting.  He had failed.  There he sat all alone, feeling inadequate for the huge responsibility he bore on his sturdy shoulders.  I don't know if there is anything one can say to offer comfort at such a moment.  He wants so badly to bless their lives but too often they refuse his invitations.  I suppose the Master feels the same way.

I suggested we try the 7 P's next fall, which cheered him some.  But then I sat there wondering if I'd feel any better if they came for the pizza instead of the blessings inherent in sitting at the feet of the prophets.  Is there satisfaction in success if they are baited into attendance by their appetites instead of their testimonies?  Do we want them to learn to be good for pizza?  Or good for nothing?

On the other hand we are invited to be fishers of men, perhaps a little bait is in order.

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stephen said...

The Pizza Party was a great success as the brethren gathered and visited before the Priesthood session. Tell that good President that his efforts are not in vain... the angels, and Father, rejoice in his endeavors to do good.

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