Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book Review - The Snow Angel by Glenn Beck

What a heart warming story.  I liked this one even better than The Christmas Sweater.  A story of abuse, fear, devotion, understanding, loyalty, forgiveness and love, The Snow Angel was a great book with which to start the new year.  Thank you John and Jen for and excellent Christmas present.

For me, the jury is still out regarding Beck's politics, but his fiction is so deep, heart-felt and enlightening that I have fully embraced it. One of the things that most greatly intrigued me about this book is the narrative from Mitch's point of view.  Mitch has Alzheimer's and is at a level of deep confusion.  While we can only imagine what goes on in such a misfiring brain, I think Beck has captured it in his deep, empathic first person narrative. Having worked closely with an Alzheimer's patient over the past few years, I really appreciated the perspective.

He also has an enlightening perspective of abuse in families.  Dysfunction is common in today's world, as is it's denial.  Also common though, are angels who love, nurture and rescue.  What a tribute to them this book is.  They are all around each of us.  How reluctant we are to let them offer the healing and redemption they bring.

Five Stars!

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