Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today My Nephew, Davis, Enters the MTC

Elder Rasmussen enters the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah today.  He will be learning Spanish in preparation for service in The Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Mission.  What excitement we've experienced as our family has anticipated his call.

He spoke in Sacrament Meeting on January 1st.  His talk was short, sweet and to the point.  I'd do well to simply post it here.  Trouble is, I haven't got a copy.  What he taught us on that day has had a profound effect on me and my attitude toward life and it's experiences.  Davis spoke of having some concern about the adequacy of his preparation to be a missionary.  As this anxiety built, he very wisely turned to his Father in Heaven, who led him to seek counsel from the scriptures.  There, he discovered a marvelous principle.  While reading the account of Noah, who built the ark, Davis came to realize that of all the qualifications Noah had in preparation for his call, ark building wasn't one of them.  Noah was prepared (and preparing) to accept the call but his preparation was that of faith, trust, obedience, willingness and diligence - not craftsmanship.

So it is with Davis.  He doesn't speak Spanish.  He doesn't understand all that will be required of him.  He is not at expert missionary.  Those are not the qualifications God is seeking of him.  His qualifications, like Noah's are related to his personal relationship with God and his willingness to do as God requires.  If he continues to trust and manifest willingness, God will qualify him for the task that lies ahead.

This sweet principle inspires me.  How often have I hesitated because I didn't feel qualified to serve the Lord. How often have I mistakenly supposed that I could not do as the Lord commanded.  It has been a week and a half since that short sweet talk spoke volumes to my soul.  Thank you Davis for your fine preparation and for beginning from day one to teach and inspire those you are chosen to bless.

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