Wednesday, January 23, 2013

God Is The Gardener

President Hugh B. Brown is one of the greatest orators the church ever produced.  This is one of two favorite speeches of his.  I have listened to it often throughout my life and received great comfort and inspiration every time.  I hope, if you haven't heard it, that you will.

I had the privilege of meeting this great man within the walls of his own home.  It was by invitation of my dear friend Ellen.  What a sweet experience that was.  Reflecting on that experience and upon the occasion of President Brown coming to Vernal to dedicate the Ashley (now Vernal) Stake Center my testimony is affirmed.  At that dedication he entered the room, and I felt it!  And as we stood and sang We Thank Thee of God for a Prophet as he walked to the stand; it was then I knew this Church is indeed guided by prophets of God.  A few years later, at his feet and by the bedside of his sweet wife I came to know why.

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