Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book Review - The Eye of Moloch by Glenn Beck

Most of us distrust Washington.  This book of fiction gives a lot of insight into exactly why.  Beck calls it Faction, or Fiction based on facts, and he backs up many of them.  Like The Overton Window, the first in this series, The Eye of Moloch depicts a fairly credible scenario which would explain much of the idiocy we see on the surface of how this country is managed.

Most of us realize that many of the public figures we see are just puppets.  In these novels we begin to get a glimpse of the puppeteers, their motivations, methods and objectives.  It isn't a pretty sight.

Still it makes for great suspense and terrific thrills as we follow Noah Gardner as he gets swept up in a conspiracy of monumental proportions.

Clearly Beck has his libertarian motivations for telling the story.  He wants to educate.  And clearly, I feel educated.  Even so, the book is worth reading if for nothing other than pure entertainment, for it is definitely that too.


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Jessica Fluckiger said...

Thanks for the review. I read the Overton Window, and found far more "faction" than fiction. I will be reading this one soon. Thanks, Myke!

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