Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's Read The Book of Mormon Together!

Tomorrow, I'm going to begin reading The Book of Mormon again.  I'd love to have you join me.  I used to comment on what I've been reading in that great book on this blog.  A couple of weeks ago I decided to remodel things and make a separate blog expressly for the purpose of reading The Book of Mormon.

You can visit that blog by clicking on the tab above, labeled The Book of Mormon Today.

I sure hope to see you there.


Love Life and Learning said...

Myke, Your Book of Mormon site won't accept a comment. What am I doing wrong? Wendy

I did join and I'm looking forward to the experience ")

di said...

I tried to comment, but it said I needed to be a team member. I was signed on as a follower.

Candleman said...

Hopefully, I've got it fixed now. If you wouldn't mind, give it a another try. Thanks for your support, both of you!

Aleen said...

I have tried to become a "follower" to join your Book of Mormon reading, to no avail. I clicked and double clicked on numerous headings. . . Could you clarify this for me? Thanks! Your insight and others' comments have already been most helpful.

Candleman said...

Aleen, you need to log in to both the blog and the follower function to make it work. I would think somebody as big as Google would have developed a better system by now.

I'm sorry you've had trouble. If that doesn't work. Let me know and we'll walk you through with more details. Don't want to miss anything you have to share!


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