Saturday, October 26, 2013

Book Review - Picture This by Lynda Barry

Wonderful!  I can't believe how much I love this book!  And I kind of have a crush on Lynda Barry too!

If you, like me, are privately worried about looking good, keeping up appearances, what other people think; but longing to be authentic and to find expression for your true self - this book is for you.  

Some months ago I heard an interview with Lynda on NPR and her style and demeanor so impressed me that I bought her book, What It Issight unseen.  In fact, if I had seen it, I probably wouldn't even have picked it up.  

When it arrived I was shocked to say the least and thought I'd wasted my money.  It took a couple of days to even figure out how to read it!  Then, it began to click and then it began to change my life!  No kidding! That one was about writing, but it was illustrated in Lynda's unique style which intrigued me, so upon discovering she'd written one about art as well, I couldn't resist.

This go round, there was none of the reticence, no how-do-I-read-this? learning curve; just the sheer joy of watching someone be herself, celebrate her uniqueness and candidly show me how to begin to do the same.

We all start out as artists, writers, dancers, singers.  As children, self expression is a joy!  Gradually though, most of us lose that free expression and begin to hold back for fear of ridicule or out of self judgement.  Lynda has a unique gift for coaxing it back out, and with it comes the joy of uncovering who you started out to be.  I've looked in a lot of places for what I've found here and can hardly express me appreciation for the gift Lynda Barry has given me.  I so hope you'll take a look and comment on your own impressions.  

I really think I've turned a corner, and the view is so different from here I can hardly believe I'm in the same place!  Thanks Lynda!  For everything!


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