Monday, October 3, 2011

Comfort and Assurance

My youngest had a stuffed Bunny she loved.  For years she carried it everywhere and, of course, slept with it at night.  As she grew older she grew to a point where she could leave Bunny behind when she went out to play.  She and her friends spent hours outdoors in the summer, imagining and the enacting wonderful adventures.  Every hour or so, though, she would come scurrying into the house, grab her Bunny and hold it to her face.  Then she would close her eyes and draw a deep assuring breath through the fabric of her pal.  After just a moment of this, Bunny was tossed lovingly back onto the couch and Katie was off for more fun and adventure.

That is rather how I feel about General Conference.  We Latter-day Saints live lives full of joy and adventure as we strive to build the kingdom in our families and communities.  We are busy and are about the work of the Lord.  He is with us and sustains us by His Holy Spirit and by our companionship with our fellow laborers.  It is tiring, but not tiresome work.  It is full of joy and sometimes disappointment.  We might carry on okay without conference, but what joy and comfort we gain as we come scurrying in from all over the globe to pause and draw a deep breath assurance, faith and testimony.  And, then go rushing back out into the world, to love and enjoy God's children all over again!
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