Sunday, January 3, 2010

Movie Review - The Number 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

If you're looking for good wholesome, educational, delightful entertainment, The Number 1 Ladies' Detective Agency is a must see!  Sweetie and I loved the series of books written by Alexander McCall Smith and read or listened to every one.  Now they've spawned an HBO series that is in every way true to Smith's masterful work.  Flawlessly cast, wonderfully directed this charmer is classic story telling and refreshing in every way.

The stories are set in modern Botswana and depict the charm and life of a sweet and deliberate people.  I have never dreamed much of visiting Africa, but Smith has magnetized the place and drawn my heart and hopefully, one day, my person, to this magical place.

The lead character Mma Ramotswe, perfectly played by Jill Scott is a resolute, traditionally built Botswana woman, who is a masterful detective with the heart and insticts of a mother..  Mma Makutisi, her secretary is the funniest, sweetest perfectionist you'll ever meet.  She is played by Anika Noni Rose and will win your heart from the very first.  The director, Oscar winning, Anthony Minghella hit a grand slam with this cast including Lucian Msmati as the kind, patient JLB Matekoni, proprietor of Speedy Motors and frustrated suitor of Mma Ramotswe.  Also included is the flamboyant, meddling next door hairdresser, BK played by Desmond Dube. 

The first season is out on DVD, rent it and enjoy!

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