Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Please Remove Obama from the Eagle Scout Certificate

The President's use of the F-Bomb the other night was the last straw for me.  His total disregard for social convention, societal morays and simple etiquette are disgusting.

This man clearly thinks he is above all that and can literally do as he pleases.  His behavior is a disgrace to us and to what his office represents.  

According to Wikipedia the President's signature was removed from the Boy Scouts of America's Eagle Scout Certificate after the Monica Lewinski incident.  It was included again in 2002 while George Bush was President.

If I were an Eagle Scout I would insist that it be removed again.  President Obama does not embody the principles of the Scout Oath or Scout Law and having him sign the highest award that BSA offers boys is a travesty.

Politics aside, I am ashamed to have such a crude person representing me in the White House.


Ben Rasmussen said...

I haven't heard of the incident that you're referring to (was it at the press dinner event?), but you're kidding yourself if you think any president over the past 30 or 40 years didn't use such language. Well, maybe Carter :)

Also, the F-bomb and Monica Lewinsky are hugely different on the scale of crudeness and the level to which they do not embody the principles of Scouting.

Candleman said...

Actually, I don't think these guys are exceptions, even in the case of Bush. But I do think in the case of Obama, that this much more public display of disregard for social morays is grounds for such action.

Clinton's name was removed because hundreds of Eagle Scouts returned their certificates and asked it to be removed.

At least the previous presidents were willing to keep their public expression appropriate, even Clinton.

Of course maybe I barking up the wrong tree too, because the media seem to be celebrating this new liberality. Perhaps our collective sense of appropriate behavior has eroded.

Still, I was in a meeting at work the other day and asked if I could now use the F word on the job since the President did and was given a resounding NO! But, I work for the State Government, perhaps the Federal Government will follow their boss' lead.

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