Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Help Me Write My Book!

Now that I'm a writer, albeit non published, I'm getting down to business.  My first book has begun and is named.  I will call it Help Me To Understand His Words.  It focuses on learning from God through the Scriptures.

I'm trying a new experiment.  I'm writing it out in the open, where you can read, critique, suggest and otherwise collaborate with me.  I think feed-back will be healthy and productive.

So, this is my invitation to you to go to Help Me To Understand His Words and get involved in the writing process.  Nobody stands alone in this world and I feel confident that with God's help and yours, we can make this not only a work of love, but one of substance and quality.

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Aleen said...

Thank you, Myke, for continuing to share your insights and inspirations. . . You are most talented as a writer, with technology, and photography and so much more. You may want to mention (or send emails) to your "" readers that you are writing regularly now on this blog, so that they will get to read it.

Congratulations on an admirable decision! Are there short term writing opporutnities there locally or online that will sustain you between books? May you be blessed in this adventure!

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